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5.11 Tactical Outerwear From Stokes International

No matter whether you are a fire department, police force, EMT team, or another professional group, you will need to have some sort of 5.11 outerwear to protect your team from the elements. A 5.11 jacket is a must in Canada, particularly during the colder winter months, and 5.11 hi vis clothing comes in handy on a regular basis. The majority of this type of 5.11 tactical outwear is useful from a safety perspective in terms of visibility; however, there are also sufficient options simply to ensure your team isn’t injured due to weather conditions.

Hi Vis Options Available

As you examine the various outwear available at Stokes International, you will notice that the vast majority are a variation of a hi vis jacket or vest. There are several styles of safety rain jackets to protect your team when doing their job outside in the rain. There is even a 5.11 Responder HiVis Parka for EMTs and other first responders to avoid frostbite and getting sick while helping others in the height of the winter. You can even find hi vis overalls for work safety.

Solid Colours

Not every department needs 5.11 hi vis clothing, which is why some of our outwear at Stokes International is in a solid colour. Multiple items are black on the exterior for a professional look that will match other outwear, and some are reversible for black or hi vis jacket choices. We also offer a Big Horn Jacket, a Tactical Fleece Jacket, a Packable Jacket, and a Safety Rain Parka in solid colours, such as red, black, dark navy, sheriff green, and dark brown. Many of these solid-coloured items include reflective materials in key areas for visibility at night without the vibrancy of a traditional hi vis jacket.

Outerwear With Multiple Uses

At Stokes International, we understand that each piece of tactical outerwear is an investment, which is why we offer reversible hi vis jacket options that give you more options for every dollar spent. Some models are simple, such as the Reversible Bomber Jacket, Reversible Safety Long Rain Coat, and Reversible Safety Rain Coat. Others are not only reversible but also provide multiple functions in one, allowing your team to wear them all year round.

With a 3-in-1 or even 6-in-1 item, you will not have to buy separate 5.11 jacket items for each season; a single item is enough. The Two Tone Six-in-One Four Season Reversible Safety Jacket, for example, features an outer parka and an inner insulated jacket that can be used separately or together, and each item is reversible. The sleeves on this item can also be removed to become a vest.

Additional Features For Added Functionality

To ensure that your team is always able to take the necessary gear with them, most of our 5.11 hi vis clothing has additional pockets, zippers, or pouches to increase its functionality. You can find options like a detachable hood that rolls into a designated pouch, a bungee cord to cinch the waist, plastic toggles within pockets, ID pouches in plastic, shoulder loops, radio loops, and more.

Sizes For The Full Team

Thanks to our experience in the industry, Stokes International understands that members of your team can vary greatly in size. That is why much of our 5.11 hi vis clothing is available in sizes from XS to 6XL. Other items will range from S to 4XL, a set of sizes that should fit most people. To ensure that each item fits properly, many items also have adjustable cuffs, bungee cords in the hems to tighten items, and other similar features.

High-Quality Materials

No matter the type of 5.11 jacket you choose to purchase for your team, you can rest easy knowing that the materials are of the highest quality. They are designed to be breathable or keep you warm and dry, depending on the product in question, and will always last. This way, you won’t need to replace 5.11 tactical outwear for several years to come, saving you time as well as money.

We Have Decades Of Experience

Buying your outerwear from Stokes International gives you the benefit of working with a company that has nearly 70 years of experience in the industry. In that time, we have determined which materials last the longest and how to produce outwear and other gear that will last. Thanks to our wide selection of 5.11 clothing and more, you will be able to buy more than just outerwear from us. Get footwear, pants, shorts, shirts, sweaters, and more at the same time, ensuring they work well with the outerwear you select. As we also produce badges, buckles, and more, you won’t have to spend time finding another supplier. Just contact Stokes International to place your order or learn more about our outerwear.