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Stokes Decals

Custom Vinyl Decals

Decals are an eye-catching, efficient, and cost-effective way to advertise your profession or business. Stokes International specializes in creating custom-designed decals for emergency professionals. We create EMS decals, firefighter decals, and police decals. We can also create decals for your business, club, or organization or for whatever other purpose you may want one. Our decals are made of durable vinyl that is long lasting, washable, and fade resistant. Decals can be applied directly to the desired surface, or we can mount them on a magnetic backing for easy-on, easy-off application to your vehicle or another metallic surface.

Advantages Of Decals

Why use a decal? Decals are a convenient way to display your desired message. Decals provide instant identification to the public. This is particularly true of ones that have a well-known logo or design incorporated into the overall design.

Emergency professionals need to be readily identifiable to the public at all times but especially when on duty. Well-designed EMS decals will meet that need with ease. After all, an emergency medical technician needs to have a decal for identification on the emergency vehicle that he or she drives. Or he or she migh teven wish to have an EMS decal on a personal vehicle to provide credibility when responding to an emergency situation when off duty.

A firefighter should have a decal on the helmet for easy identification. Both EMTs and firefighters carry some type of first aid kits, in addition to the other equipment. A decal on the kit provides a sense of professionalism as well as identification to prevent losing valuable equipment. A police officer might have several uses for a decal, including a helmet, motorcycle, vehicle, or even a personal briefcase.

Decals Offer Alternatives To More Expensive Options

A decal is a less expensive way to display your identification than a custom paint job on the vehicle would be. A decal can be just as attractive and attention grabbing as a custom paint job, but it will cost you far less. A magnetic-backed decal is ideal for a vehicle that is used for both professional on-duty use and for personal use. Put it on when you’re on duty, and take it off after hours. It is the better choice, too, if the vehicle is shared across fire stations or police stations. It is easy to create a new decal with the new information on it.

Projects A Professional Appearance

A vinyl decal that is weather and fade resistant will last you many years and still look as bright and colourful as when it was new. Looking good is important for your department’s image. A faded, ragged decal or paint job on a police car, firetruck, or ambulance gives the image of a poorly run service, and instills a lack of confidence in the ones that we should be able to trust the most to care for us in our times of need. A quality vinyl decal, such as those sold at Stokes International, will stick to the desired surface, eliminating curled-up edges and a tacky overall appearance.

Creating The Ideal Design

A clear, crisp, and colourful design is incredibly important in conveying a professional image to the public. If you know what you want but don’t have the ability to create the design, our graphics department will be happy to work with you. On the other hand, if you have no idea how to even begin a design idea, much less complete the design itself, our skilled graphics techs will be glad to create a design tailored just to your occupation. If you have your design ready to go, we can assist you just as easily. We have a collection of standard graphics to choose from for EMS decals, firefighter decals, police decals, as well as others. Our graphics techs will work closely with you to develop a design that will please you.


Decals For All Professions

Stokes International also has the ability to design a wide variety of decals for whatever need you might have. Although we specialize in EMS, firefighter, and police decals, our decades of experience allow us to create decals for all industries. Whether you save lives on a daily basis or need a window decal for your real estate vehicle, Stokes International is here to help.

Match Your Decal To Our Other EMT, Police, And Firefighter Gear

Since Stokes International has more than 70 years of experience producing high-quality gear for military, police, EMT, and firefighting professionals, we can also help you create a decal that matches your other badges. This way, the logo in your police decals for your vehicle’s windows will be identical to the logo on your uniform’s badge. Our company is always here to help your team maintain a professional and uniform appearance, with everything from the firefighter decals to your physical uniform.