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5.11 Clothing At Stokes International

Among the various options available from Stokes International, you will find a wide range of 5.11 tactical clothing. Whether you need 5.11 tactical pants, a vest, a jacket, or something else, we can supply it. As with all of our other uniform items and accessories, the 5.11 clothing is of the highest quality, designed to last even under the most rigorous working conditions.

Types Of Clothing

At Stokes International, we pride ourselves on offering options for everyone from police departments and fire departments to EMS and the military, which is why we have a wide range of clothing items. You will find plenty of 5.11 tactical vest choices, along with pants, tunic jackets, and more. Even if you just need bottoms for your team, you will find cargo pants, Stryke pants, Taclite pro shorts, tactical shorts, Taclite TDU pants, station cargo pants, patrol rain pants, EMS pants, and at least half a dozen other options. Among the various pants and shorts, you will find choices for specific jobs and scenarios, along with those for general use. There is also a range of colours available, mostly dark navy, black, or khaki, but with a few others, as well.

The choices for jackets and other outerwear are similarly extensive. Find a single-breasted tunic jacket, a deputy chief double-breasted tunic jacket, a Navy uniform trench coat, and a range of jackets and fleece designed for tactical work, patrolling, or being packable. There are also 5.11 tactical vests designed for high visibility and reversible hi-vis jackets. If your team needs 5.11 tactical clothing in the form of shirts, you will find several cuts, including long and short sleeves, as well as button-downs, polos, and solid shirts. There are also choices designed specifically for either men or women or to be unisex.

As you continue to browse our selection of 5.11 clothing, you will also find several styles of boots in various sizes, all of which are designed for comfort, durability, and professionalism. Or choose one of several belts or some tactile gloves.

Sizes For The Entire Team

One of our goals at Stokes International is to provide everything your team needs for 5.11 tactical clothing, which is why we make it a point to offer a range of sizes. Our sale section is typically a bit more limited in terms of size options than non-sale options, but you will still discover items that can fit your entire team. Choose an item sized by number or by designations like small, medium, or large, and you will be able to outfit the entire department.

High-Quality Materials

As with all other products from Stokes International, the 5.11 tactical pants, vests, and other clothing are of the highest quality. Due to the military history of our founder and namesake, W.S. Bill Stokes, we understand the importance of durability. We never want your gear or clothing to fail while out in the field, which is why we ensure that every item can last for years on end with proper care, even with tough use. This is just one of the reasons our customers keep coming back.

Amazing Prices

Our prices at Stokes International are designed to represent the quality of the products. After all, durable construction with the top materials will cost more than items you buy at a dollar store. Even so, we are able to offer affordable prices across our lineup of items. For the best possible deals and truly amazing prices, explore our sale clothing. Some items there are priced at less than a third of their original value, delivering savings along with our legendary reliability.

Enjoy Our Decades Of Experience

When you choose to buy your 5.11 tactical clothing from Stokes International, you get the benefit of our nearly seven decades of experience. Bill Stokes began the company in 1949, when it was called Stokes Caps and Regalia. Our staff has always included dedicated craftspeople, and our priorities of quality and authenticity have never wavered. Stokes International includes family members of the founder, along with those with decades of experience in public service, such as a retired fire chief.

Over the years, we have also expanded our reach, and now customers around the world trust us to provide their uniforms, regalia, and more. In addition to our sales across Canada, we also have numerous customers in the USA, England, France, German, Belgium, Australia, the Bahamas, Jamaica, and more.

Excellent Customer Service

Whether you are interested in our products to outfit your military, fire, police, EMS, or another department, we will always provide the best possible customer service. We welcome customers to give us a call or send us a message via our contact form, and we will always get back to you in a timely manner. Whether you have a question about a product or want to make a purchase, we are here to help.

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