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Stokes Name Bars Metal and Plastic

Name Bars From Stokes International

Among the various other uniform equipment available from Stokes International, we are happy to offer name bars for all types of teams. Whether you need fire department name bars or those for your police force, we can deliver high-quality, durable options that are legible and engraved with precision.

A Range Of Styles

To offer options for all uniform name badges, we at Stokes International have multiple styles to choose from. Many forces opt for the range of name bars that include the Canadian flag to show off their patriotism. Just this single category is offered in silver or gold and your choice of one or two lines for engraving. Instead of the Canadian flag, you can get a similar set of name bars with a Maltese cross instead, once again with the choice of silver or gold and the ability to fit up to three lines of text. Those in search of fire department name bars in particular should consider the options specific to these service members, offered in silver or gold and with one, two, or three lines. Consider complementing them with magnetic backing.

If you prefer an option that isn’t metallic, we also offer the choice of embroidered name tags featuring Velcro backing that makes them easy to attach. Or if you want something solid other than metal, our plastic uniform name badges are a good option. These can have square or rounded edges in silver or gold. The square-edged versions are even available with a Canadian flag.

Multiple Attachment Methods

At Stokes International, we understand that not all forces choose to attach the name bars in the same way, which is why we offer several different methods of attachment. The Canadian metal uniform name badges, for example, can have straight pins with clasps that are perfect for jackets or two pins featuring clutch backs. The bars with Maltese crosses have the same options as those with Canadian flags, with the additional choice of a magnetic backing. All three are also options for the fire department name bars as well as the plastic bars. As mentioned, the embroidered bars come with Velcro backing. With so many options, each department can determine which backing type will be best for their uniforms and daily tasks.

Customize With Engraving

In addition to producing the uniform name badges themselves, we also provide engraving for you. Just let us know what you need written on the laser-engraved name tags, and we take care of the rest. All engravings are done in Arial font in black for the text, and you can visualize this with some help of the customization design feature while ordering.

The Perfect Addition To Other Uniform Components

Laser engraved name tags are just one of the many parts of a uniform that we offer at Stokes International. With decades of experience in the industry, we can provide you with all of your uniform needs. Other items to be displayed on the uniform include badges, crests, decals, pins, regalia, and slip-ons. Or we can supply your team’s actual uniform for you, from the clothing to the belts and caps.

By buying footwear, gloves, outerwear, pants, uniform shirts, and more from us, you can save time that is valuable to your department. There is no need to search for separate providers for each piece of your uniform, as we can deliver each component with no additional research needed on your part to figure out where to buy name bars after purchasing basic uniform components.

Over Half A Century In The Industry

When shopping at Stokes International for your uniform name badges and other needs, you get to take advantage of 69 years in the industry. During this time, we have worked hard to create the reputation of producing official gear that lasts and is of the highest quality. Our uniforms and related accessories, including name badges, are easy to maintain and create the professional appearance your team needs to demand respect.

Our company was founded in 1949 in Canada, and we have been based here ever since, proudly providing uniforms, decals, and more for the police andfire/EMS departments across the country. Those across the country and even around the world know that they can rely on us to always supply them with an impressive uniform.

Because of our long history in the industry, there is no risk of us closing, leaving you hanging with uniforms or forcing you to find the closest match to your current uniform. We will always be here to provide you with uniforms, laser engraved name tags, and other related items whenever your force grows or you simply need to replace the uniforms you have had for decades.

Contact us to learn about our various name bars and other uniform accessories or simply order online. During the buying process, you will be directed through all the customization options, ensuring your chosen name bars are exactly what you need.