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Custom Design Lapel Pins

Pins From Stokes International

At Stokes International, we proudly offer everything you need for your uniform, from the actual clothing to firefighter and police lapel pins. We have a wide range of pins to span all professions, along with options for customization. As with all of the other products we offer, you can expect the pins to be of the highest quality and last for years to come with proper care.

Pins For All Departments

Whether you need firefighter uniform lapel pins, EMS paramedic pins, correctional pins, or those for police or volunteers, Stokes International offers multiple options to suit your needs. Within each category, you will find several choices of high-quality pins, allowing you to select the one that works best for your department. For correctional officers, for example, we offer gold or silver Ontario Corrections pins, gold Canada Corrections pins, handcuff golf or silver pins, and gold pins that feature cross revolvers, pistols, or crossed keys and torches.

But we offer a lot more than that. In fact, we offer 73 choices for firefighter uniform lapel pins. These vast options include a range of sizes, silver or gold, options with a different number of trumpets, the fire symbol, firetrucks, axes, masonic firefighter symbols, and more. There are even firefighter pins for the chaplain and dispatcher plus those for each ranking officer in several styles.

Our vast selection continues with 26 different EMS paramedic pins, including ribbons, Chaplain’s crosses, remembrance pins, traditional EMS symbols, storks, EMS symbols with years served, and tie bars. Of the 33 available police lapel pins, you can find ranks, maple leaves, military pins, crowns, K-9 pins, and more. Our selection of pins for all departments includes several options for volunteer fire departments as well.

Provincial Pins

In addition to the department-specific pins available, Stokes International also has a range of provincial and territory pins that work for fire, EMS, police, or any other department. These vary from a simple Canadian flag to a set of USA and Canadian flags to circular pins with the name and shield of each province. We also offer the coat of arms on pins without a circular background for Ontario and Alberta.

Pins For Ranks And Years Of Service

At Stokes International, we recognize that pins are an excellent way to show how long a particular member of your team has served or for them to display their rank, which is why offer tie bars as well as pins for years of service. Those in search of firefighter uniform lapel pins, for example, can select one with a Maltese cross with or without the letters “FD” or engraving options, in addition to those with ranks or trumpets. There are specific years of service pins for those on the fire department as well as EMS paramedic pins.There are even some that are generic that give you the ability to engrave the number of years and department details.

Engravable Pins Available

For those in search of additional customization in their fire uniform lapel pins, Stokes International also offers a full set of pins that allow for engraving. These come in the form of gold or silver and bear the Maltese cross. Some have one section for engraving the name or accomplishment of the officer, while others also include a designated spot to engrave the years of service. There are also various colour choices for the inset portions plus options for Fire, Volunteers, and Emergency Service, in either English or French. For the engravings, you can select the alignment of the writing, whether the text is bolded and/or italicized, its size, and its colour.

Experience You Can Count On

Stokes International has the experience necessary to give you confidence when ordering our police lapel pins or any other part of your team’s uniform. Since 1949, we have been providing organizations around the world with clothing and uniforms, developing a well-earned reputation for quality as well as excellent customer service. With our specialization in lapel pins, name bars, decals, and more, we can ensure that you have a well-constructed uniform that includes all the necessary adornments to show the accomplishments of your team.

Find Everything From Stokes International

Since Stokes International provides every part of your team’s uniforms, we are able to deliver a seamless and stress-free process of ordering and delivery, including reducing the time you spend looking for professional-quality uniforms. We can provide you with uniform clothing, including jackets, boots, belts, and buckles, as well as regalia, caps, decals, and crests. We aim to offer everything police, EMS, and fire departments could need, which is why we also offer the name bars and awards that you use to honour your team upon retirement or for specific accomplishments. By ordering everything from a single provider, you are able to save valuable time that can be spent working to protect the community.