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Sleeve Rank Tunic Braid – Uniform Sleeve Braid

Rank Braids at Stokes International

In addition to all the other uniform gear at Stokes International, you will also find uniform braids to help your department show their rank at a glance. As with everything else we sell, our uniform sleeve braids are made of the highest quality materials and designed to last. You can count on them to withstand daily use and maintain their professional appearance over time.

Choose From Various Styles and Colours

As you browse our rank braid options at Stokes International, you will notice that we have a range of colour combinations. This allows you to easily choose a colour or combination of colours that compliments the rest of the colour scheme that your department follows.

Some of the options include gold bars separated by black lines, gold or silver bars on a navy blue background, and thicker gold or silver bars on a navy blue background. Among these options, you will find bands of varying width, so you can choose whether you prefer narrow bands, wide ones, or something in the middle. We also have single-colour rank braids that feature raised braids to show the bands. These come in colours like gold, silver, red, and white. There are also options in metallic gold and silver.

We pride ourselves on maintaining reliable colour standards as well. This means that you can always expect to get the same colour as advertised. That is particularly helpful for departments that place an order and then experience growth or need more uniform sleeve braids. It means that the colours from the two different orders will be essentially identical, allowing you to ensure a uniform, professional appearance for your team.

Varying Widths Available

We understand there are multiple ways to use your uniform braids on your uniform. We also know that each department has its own preferences. As such, you will notice that many of our uniform sleeve braids come in varying widths. For example, the solid-coloured ones are available in ¼ inches, 3/8 inches, or ½ inches thick for most colours. The metallic colours are even available as 1 and 1/2 inches.

There is a similar variety of options for the classic option of gold bars on a navy blue background. You can choose from 3/8-inch or a standard width.

The range of options is intentional as it lets you get the exact width you need for your uniforms. This also allows you to find similar rank braids of varying thicknesses to use across various uniforms. For example, perhaps your department decides to use wider bands on long-sleeve uniforms and narrower ones on short-sleeve ones.

Sold By the Meter

All of our uniform sleeve braids are available by the meter, making it easy to get the amount you need. This method results in less wasted material and helps your department save money.

Selling the braids by the meter also lets you get the exact amount you need without having to overestimate by much. If we were to sell the braids in pre-cut lengths, it would only be convenient for uniforms that fit the exact measurements of standard sizing. Any variation would require you to get a larger length and then just toss the leftover. After all, you would only have a few inches of material. By contrast, buying the material by the meter means that all the extra materials from each uniform’s braids remain connected, letting you use those leftovers for other uniforms.

Additionally, buying the material by the meter makes it easier to keep extra on hand for future uniforms needs when someone new joins the department. It even makes replacing parts of the material easier if an officer accidentally rips a small portion of the braids while on duty.

Versatile Enough for a Range of Industries

While Stokes International focuses on providing uniforms for police, firefighters, EMS, and the military, our uniform braids can also be useful in numerous other applications. Any business or organization with a uniform can incorporate them to display rank or affiliation. This means they can also work for schools, maritime, airlines, hospitality, security, hotels, and even for fashion.

Find Other Regalia and Uniforms at Stokes International

Apart from a wide selection of uniform braids, you will find everything else your team needs for your uniforms at Stokes International. We have in stock other types of regalia, such as buttons, citation cords, lanyards, and pant braids. We also have gloves, buckles, uniform hats, ceremonial sashes, ceremonial belts, name tags, and more. Use these along with the rank braids to distinguish ranks and complete your team’s uniform.

On top of that, we also have everything else you need for your department’s uniforms, including caps, clothing, and belts. Get these items along with crests, pins, slip-ons, and even awards from Stokes International, a company with more than 70 years of experience.