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EMS Paramedic Slip Ons

The paramedic slip ons on your team’s uniform are one of the easiest ways that others can identify them. This quick recognition allows your team to act quickly and save lives by minimizing interruptions and instantly letting others know that you are there to help.

At Stokes International, we offer a wide selection of EMS slip ons in a range of colours and styles. All of our slip ons and epaulettes are of the highest quality, providing you with yet another uniform component that you can count on.

Slip Ons to Identify the Team

For those departments in search of simple paramedic slip ons that do not display rank, we have various options. You can choose from multiple combinations that display the letters “EMS” or “EMR” with the appropriate symbol above it.

We also have EMT slip ons that display the words “First Responder” at the bottom. Above this, from top to bottom, you will find the appropriate logo, the Canadian flag, and a bar.

Our basic paramedic slip ons come in a few styles, with the word “Paramedic” at the bottom of the epaulette. The paramedic symbol can be placed in the center of the slip on or at the top. There is also a paramedic one bar slip on, with the text at the bottom, a single bar directly above it and the Canadian flag near the top.

If your department wants something simpler, we also have slip ons that display the words “Emergency Services” or “Paramedic” at the bottom with the Canadian flag immediately above the text or slip ons with just the letters “EMT” at the bottom in a slightly larger font.

Slip Ons to Display Rank

In addition to our regular EMT slip ons that identify your team, we also have slipons that identify the specific role of a team member. Even if civilians are not necessarily familiar with the variations in appearance based on rank, these epaulettes make it easier for your team and others to recognize ranks. This is particularly important when EMS teams from multiple areas need to work together as these slip onslet those from other teams instantly identify who on your team to approach or take orders from.

We have distinct paramedic slip ons for the Chief Paramedic EMS, Deputy Chief Paramedic EMS, Commander Paramedic EMS, Deputy Command Paramedic EMS, Superintendent Paramedic EMS, and Acting Superintendent Paramedic EMS. There are also slip ons with patterns that designate CCP Paramedic, ACP Paramedic, or PCP Paramedic via stripes.

Customizable by Province

Our EMS slip ons can show the rank of the wearer as well as feature a customizable flower. When you place your order, simply select the province that your team is in, and we will include the appropriate flower so that people can identify the province at a glance.

Customizable Colours

Most of our EMT slip ons offer some level of customization in terms of colour. Nearly all are available in your choice of black or dark navy blue. This allows you to select a colour that will complement the rest of the uniform so that the epaulettes do not look out of place.

The rank-identifying slip ons are all available in black or dark navy blue. Our EMR slip ons are available with a black or dark blue navy background, and the writing and outline in silver or gold. The EMS slip ons are available with gold or silver writing on dark navy blue backgrounds. The basic paramedic slip ons are available with gold or silver stitching on black or dark navy blue. The plain silver EMT slip onscome with the same background colour options, as does the paramedic one-bar slip on, which always has a gold writing and a gold bar.

The emergency services slip on can be in the same colour choices, either dark navy blue or black with gold or silver text. Those identical options are available for the similarly designed paramedic slip on with the flag.

Quality You Can Trust

At Stokes International, we pride ourselves on ensuring that all of our products, including our EMT slip ons, are of the highest quality. Thanks to 70 years of expertise and our team’s experience serving the community, we understand the importance of high-quality epaulettes in maintaining a professional appearance. We prioritize attention to detail in these and all of our other products, making sure that the teams we serve have what they need to look their best.

Supplement the Slip Ons With Other Uniform Items

In addition to offering EMS slip ons, we also have everything else you need for your uniforms. From the basics, like pants, shirts, and caps, to extra touches such as epaulettes, shoulder boards, and name bars, we have what you require in one convenient place. We also offer high-quality awards to honour your team and decals to ensure your vehicles are recognized.