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Moustache Slip-Ons

Our moustache slip-ons help your team show your support for men’s health while maintaining the professional appearance that you get from a uniform. These particular slip-ons are made of the same high-quality materials and with the same attention to detail as our firefighter slip-ons and other products.

Professional Design

Our moustache slip-ons have a design that manages to incorporate moustaches and men’s health into your uniforms without reducing their professional appearance. These slip-ons are on a light blue cloth background.

They feature the Canadian flag at the top, letting your team use these to show their patriotism just like they would with any other EMS slip-ons from our selection. This also lets members of the community instantly recognize your team’s role in serving the community and assisting the country.

The moustaches have clean lines and are in a classic black colour, helping maintain that professional appearance.

Display Rank With Moustaches

Just like our EMS slip-ons are available in variations to show the rank of various members of your department, the same is true for our moustache slip-ons. We have options with one, two, three, four, or five moustaches.

This makes it easy to temporarily swap out one of your standard rank-displaying slip-ons for the moustache ones during November in support of men’s health, without worrying about being able to identify the rank of the wearereasily.

A Unique Offering

While various companies make EMS or firefighter slip-ons, few make versions to support men’s health. Of those, even fewer put the same level of attention to detail and use the same high-quality materials for these slip-ons as they do the others. Manufacturers assume that your team will not wear these moustache slip-ons for as long as the other ones, so they do not always put in the same amount of care. This can lead to lower-quality slip-ons that show wear and tear quickly.

By contrast, Stokes International is among the only moustache slip-on manufacturers to offer high-quality materials and products that last. You can count on these slip-ons being made in the same manner as our EMS slip-ons. Even if your team only uses them during November, you can count on them lasting much longer than that. This way, your department has the option of reusing the same slip-ons next year and the year after that.

Builds on Our Experience With Slip-Ons and Epaulettes

Our moustache slip-ons build on our experience at Stokes International with producing other slip-ons and epaulettes. Epaulettes have been one of our main focuses throughout our more than 70 years of business, providing us with vast experience. This experience allows us to know what your department is looking for in EMS slip-ons or other epaulettes. We can also ensure that our products last.

If your department plans on only using the moustache slip-ons during November, then you will also want to look at our other slip-ons, shoulder boards, and epaulettes. We have boards, braids, bullion, CAFC, fire, police, marine, and EMS slip-ons and epaulettes, all of which have a method of displaying rank. Some of the styles do so via lines or bands, while others do so via different numbers of maple leaves.

Explore Our Other Epaulettes That Show Support

In addition to our moustache slip-ons to show support for men’s health, we also have epaulettes to show support for other causes, including cancer support and LGBT support. Both of these styles maintain simple, professional designs that make it clear your department supports a cause without distracting from the uniform. The cancer support slip-onsalso include varying numbers of bars to show rank.

Get to Know Stokes International

Whether your department needs moustache, EMS, or firefighter slip-ons, we appreciate you choosing to get them from Stokes International. We have more than 70 years of experience, as our company was founded in 1949. Since then, we have been supplying organizations in Canada and around the world with clothing and uniform needs.

Our company has a history of service to the country in addition to providing excellent service to customers. Our founder, W.S. Bill Stokes, fought in WWI.

All Your Uniform Needs

At Stokes International, we pride ourselves on offering everything your department needs for your uniforms. In addition to slip-ons, we have name bars, ID badges, insignia, cresting, decals, lapel pins, awards, ceremonial regalia, and uniform basics, such as caps, pants, and shirts. We also have various pieces of uniform outerwear, such as sweaters, coats, and gloves, to help your team stay comfortable regardless of the weather conditions.

Not only can you find all the pieces of your team’s uniform at Stokes International, but we also the ability to conveniently order online, complete with web quantity discounts. All of our products meet our high standards for quality and durability, letting your department focus on their job instead of worrying about their gear holding up.

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